Watch this space! Ink’d Apartments on Pirie Street!

Watch this space!

Ink’d Apartments for our developer client Vicinity, located on Pirie Street!

*Featuring the great art of Cinzah

Vicinity notes on Ink’d:

With Ink’d we are again producing a modest number of units in a complex - 26 units – in a medium scale project that will be a positive addition to the streetscape.

Ink’d sits between Te Aro and Mount Victoria – two of Wellington’s best locations. Living in Ink’d will enable very easy access to the outdoor amenity provided by Mount Victoria while being on the doorstep of all the fun and activity of Te Aro.

Extensive use of concrete will be used in Ink’d. Intertenancy walls will be concrete panels – or concrete blocks. Floors will be concrete as well. The ability to expose the concrete not only provides an interesting/ resilient building – but also utilizes the thermal mass of the concrete to provide a warm, quiet environment.