111 DXN - 170308

DXN in Wellington has been granted Resource Consent!

DXN is a proposed new residential apartment building at 111 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington.

The development includes the establishment of a new public laneway along the eastern boundary of the site. This creates additional connections within the area and links existing laneways in the neighbourhood to Dixon Street. It will enhance the whole neighbourhood and create intimate, pedestrian focused public areas of high quality and in line with other similar areas in Wellington.

The proposed apartment building comprises of ground floor plus nineteen upper levels with a total of 114 dual key residential units. Six retail units occupy the ground floor along the new lane way. The three individual entrances to the apartment towers are off this laneway which creates a lot of pedestrian traffic.  This provides for an active street edge and a safe area for pedestrians.

The building is split into three individual towers with separate lifts and stairways. The stairwells are articulated to the outside with a vertical strip of glazing. The verticality of the stair wells is further articulated with vertical metal fins on the outside of the glazing. These fins extend past the roof of the building, creating three distinct features highlighting the three apartment towers.

The top level is clad in full height glazing, with some areas of glass back painted as necessary to conceal service areas within. The cantilevered roofs will have metal soffits and fascia, providing clean lines and a crisp finish to the top of the building.